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3D Printer Trainers


Hito Rodriguez

3DP Lead


Laurin Moseley


Joshua Garcia


Joel Cardenas

All students must get certified in order to reserve our 3DPrinters in our department.

3D Printing Certification Steps:

1) Watch the digital training video, here 

2) Test your digital knowledge and take the quiz* here (hint all the answers are in the video above)

3) Get train (30 minutes, max 4 students at time) on how to set up the Ultimakers in-person with one of our CLTs during the following times:

                   Mondays 1PM- 1:30PM with Alyssa Duran

                   Tuesdays 5PM - 6PM with Joshua Garcia or  with  Albijon Hoxhaj

                   Wednesdays 11AM - 12PM with Kada Clyne

                                          3PM - 4PM with Anthony Ortega

                   Thursdays 2PM - 4:30PM with Nuriddin Narizov or  with Joshua Garcia 

                   Fridays 6:30PM - 8PM with Nuriddin Narizov or  with Davit Khomasuridze 

                   Saturdays 12PM - 12:30PM with Hito Rodriguez


4) Student will get a sticker on the ID, which will the student access to 3dPrinting machinery.

3D Printing Steps

*Quiz and Physical Training are mandatory to get certified so that our team knows that you are knowledgeable in 3D Printing and can print on your own without damaging the machines

3D Printing: Machine Reservation

After student certification, students must reserve a machine to 3DPrinting project on SuperSaaS at

NYCCTfab Ultimaker Reservation (


*Students must have the material handy at the beginning of the reservation time. If not, reservation will be cancelled.

*If machine has not been reserved or student is delayed more than 30 minutes for reservation, the student on campus has the right to use the machine on first come first serve.

*Students can contact our CLT during one-one help times for further assistance after completing the training.

*Students should oversee their project from time to time to check for any failure.

- CLTs are available only to oversee machinery and stop if there is a problem with the 3DPrinting. CLT can request students ID at any given time to confirm student certification.


- The lab reserves the right to cancel the printing if student is not certified.

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