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Mimaki CF2.jpg

CF2 1215 Mimaki Cutting Plotter

Mimaki cutting plotter work area: 47(X) x 58(Y)


These can be used for cutting, stitch-cutting, scoring and etching a wide variety of paper, cardboard,

foam core, and vinyl.


Universal PLS and ILS 12-150 Laser Cutters

Universal PLS laser cutter work area: 32(X) x 18(Y)

Universal ILS 12-150 laser cutter work area: 48(x) x 24 (y) - Not Avalaible for Fall


These can be used for cutting, stitch-cutting, scoring, etching, engraving, and drilling a wide variety of paper, wood, plastic, plexiglass and fabric materials.


The machines are located in Lab 813.


Basic Modeling Requirements


  • Files must be set up using the templates provided in either Rhino, AutoCAD, or Illustrator.

  • All vector linework should be continuous and free of duplicates.

  • Keep linework at least 0.25 in away from the edges of your material and 0.125in away from other linework.

  • All laser cutting geometry should be properly scaled to the size of the laser cut parts in model space and plotted from paper space at 1:1.


File Layer Protocol


  • Laser Operation Layers: Cut (Blue), Cut Inner (Magenta), Stitch Cut (Cyan)Score (Green), Etch (Red), Raster Engrave (Orange)

  • Any other geometry such as material or laser bed boundary curves should be grayscale.

Submission Guidelines


  • Students may use the machines by making an appointment using our online system:

NYCCTfab Laser Schedule


List of acceptable, non-acceptable materials


Allowable materials:

Bristol, chipboard, basswood, illustration board, acrylics (plex)


Prohibited materials:

Low-grade plywood, sheet metal, aluminum, copper, brass, glass, mirror, 

polycarbonate, vinyl, PVC, Foam Core, SNC-3 neoprene, low-density polyethylene foam, self-laminated or glued materials, wood knots or varying density, warped materials, materials of varying thickness.

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