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3D Scanning / Digitizing

Roland Picza 3D Laser Scanner
The Roland LPX 3D Laser Picza Scanner generates high-resolution (0.009in accuracy), watertight 3D polygonal models through both rotary and planar laser scanning. The scanner can handle objects as large as 10in in diameter and 16in in height. Through a simple USB interface models can be generated in both *.stl and *.3dm (Rhino) format.

Location: Voorhees 813
Work Surface Area: 10" x 16"


Microscribe G2X Digitizer
The MicroScribe G2X desktop digitizing arm is a tool for gathering digital measurements off of a physical object in order to generate a digital model. Mounted on a base with a 6x6in footprint, the digitizers are capable of a 50in spherical range of motion while collecting point-by-point measurements with an accuracy as fine as 0.009in. The digitizers interface directly with many design applications, including Rhino, through a USB connection.

Location: Voorhees 813
Work Surface Area: 19.6" x 15.7" x 6.1"


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