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ARCH 1291: Visual Studies II Unlinked (Fall 2012)

​Instructor: Brian Ringley

Course Description

Tooling is the process of making or working something with tools. Visual Studies II will build upon Visual Studies I to help students gain the critical ability to make, work, shape, and otherwise craft the representation of the built environment through the intelligent use of digital tools. Though tooling has traditionally referred to hand tools and the manual construction of architectural form, Visual Studies primarily concerns itself with the digital tools that have, and are continuing to, transform contemporary architectural practice, with particular emphases on digital modeling craft, thoughtful and efficient software workflows, professional file management, and clear and skillful design representation.

Course Schedule


{00} Tu 08/28/12: Course introduction, Rhino UI, Object Types, Primitives
{01} Tu 09/04/12: Snaps, Rotations, Arrays, Scaling, Boolean Ops
{02} Tu 09/11/12: Vector Drawings (AI), Object Analysis, Excel, InDesign
{03} Tu 09/18/12: NO CLASSES SCHEDULED
{04} Tu 09/25/12: NO CLASSES SCHEDULED
{05} Tu 10/02/12: Rhino Render, VRay, Procedural Rendering, Ambient Occlusion
{06} Tu 10/09/12: Render Compositing (PSD), Blend Layers, Masking, Brushwork
{07} Tu 10/16/12: MIDTERM REVIEWS
{08} Tu 10/23/12: Extracting Urban Data Using ArcGIS
{09} Tu 10/30/12: Preparing Layouts for Laser Cutting
{10} Tu 11/06/12: Rhino Surface Tools, Curve Extractions and Projections, Flow
{11} Tu 11/13/12: Paneling Tools - Surface-Based Grids, Custom 3D Panels
{12} Tu 11/20/12: Paneling Tools - Attractor Objects
{13} Tu 11/27/12: Preparing Models for  3D Printing
{14} Tu 12/04/12: Workday with Desk Crits
{15} Tu 12/11/12: Final Reviews

Course Links

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