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ARCH 3590: Introduction to Computation and Fabrication (Fall 2012)

​Instructor: Anne Leonhardt with Zach Downey

Assistant: Brian Ringley

Course Description

This course is an introduction to digital fabrication. It will explore the qualities of materials such as wood, concrete, and plastics in the context of computational design and digital fabrication thinking and techniques. Projects will provide students with experience in the use of a variety of tools, equipment, concepts, and emerging digitally-driven technologies, including parametric rule-based design, subtractive fabrication, assembly techniques, and iterative design processes.

Course Schedule


{00} W 08/29/12: Intro to Parametrics - GH3D UI, Component Types, Logic Intro
{01} W 09/05/12: Parametrics II - Points, Vectors, Patterning w/Attractors
{02} W 09/12/12: Parametrics III - Curves, Data Trees, Laser Cutter Workshop
{03} W 09/19/12: Parametrics IV - Operators, Conditionals, Logic, Lists
{05} W 10/03/12: Parametrics V - Surfaces, Primitives, Boxes, Srf Instantiation
{07} W 10/17/12: Parametrics VI - Introduction to RhinoCAM
{08} W 10/24/12: Intro to CNC Fabrication, Desk Crits
{09} W 10/31/12: Parametrics VII - Fabrication and Assembly
{10} W 11/07/12: Parametrics VIII - Advanced Surfacing, Parametric Precedents
{11} W 11/14/12: Parametrics IX - Advanced Curves, Desk Crits
{12} W 11/21/12: Desk Crits, TBA
{13} W 11/28/12: Desk Crits, TBA
{12} W 12/05/12: Desk Crits, TBA
{12} W 12/12/12: Desk Crits, TBA
{12} W 12/19/12: Final Reviews

Course Links

ARCH 3590 F12 Video Tutorials

ARCH 3590 F12 Grasshopper Definitions

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