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CNC Monitors


Joel Cardenas

CNC Lead


Joshua Garcia

CNC Milling Protocol (Lab V107)

1) Student should schedule a milling appointment (1hr max) via Supersaas

2) Students need to come to the appointment with a rhino file (just with the part they are milling) and prepared RhinoCAM settings: Horizontal Roughing, Parallel Finish & Profiling

        *Some students might need additional settings for their milling project, reach out CLT for guidance

- Material will be provided at the lab

- If they come to the lab with no RhinoCAM input the file gets rejected.

- They can’t come with a GCode since it could come with the wrong settings that could mess up the machine, or even break the bits.

- Students must be present during all the milling time appointment.


- Students that need further assistance preparing their RhinoCAM settings can reach a CNC CLT during one:one help.

Note: If CLT is not a V107 (Milling Lab) at a given time and you didn’t have an appointment, you can check for them in V813 (FabLab)

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